SAP Ariba Online Training Course Details

SAP Ariba is a software company that provides cloud-based procurement, spend management and supply chain services that enable suppliers and buyers to connect and do business globally. The technology SAP Ariba offers is designed to help companies negotiate better agreements with suppliers and provide better visibility and control over spending.

Uses of SAP Ariba products :
SAP purchased Ariba in May 2012 for about $4.3 billion. Ariba, founded in 1996, became SAP Ariba in 2016. Since then, SAP Ariba has added functionality to its supply chain management services to help companies source and procure materials, analyze spending, and manage suppliers.

For example, in 2017, SAP Ariba introduced Guided Buying, Supplier Management, Supplier Risk, Direct Materials Sourcing, Supply Chain Finance, Cloud Integration Gateway and Extension Studio, features designed to make the procurement process seamless, integrate it with other business processes and gain real time insight into the supply chain, according to the company.

One of these features, Supplier Risk, which helps companies assess supplier risk in a number of categories, has become a major focal point for SAP Ariba. The company promotes the idea that with more responsible supplier risk assessment, companies can procure with a purpose that is, a company can do good in the world by using supply chains.

The Ariba Network :
Although many of these SAP Ariba features are available separately, they are also the foundation of the Ariba Network, an SAP HANA powered, cloud based B2B marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other and do business within a single networked platform.

SAP Ariba Source to Pay Course Content

I. SAP Ariba Overview :

  • About Ariba and History
  • Why Ariba – Market Comparison­
  • Product evolution and Platform – sap ariba online training
  • Ariba Environment and Architecture
  • Login and User Dashboard configuration
  • User Basic navigation and self‐service menu

II. SAP Ariba Sourcing :

  • Getting Started with Ariba sourcing
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing: Creating Events
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing: Project Management
  • Event Management Advance Features
  • Creating RFI, RFP and Auctions – sap ariba online training
  • Award Scenarios and Awarding Sourcing Event

III. Ariba Contract Management :

  • Getting Started with Ariba Contracts
  • Ariba Contract Management: Creating Contracts
  • Ariba Contract Management: Contract Authoring
  • Ariba Contract Management: Preparing Pricing Terms
  • Creating Compliance Contract / Pricing Terms – sap ariba online training

IV. SAP Ariba Procurement Content or Ariba Catalogs :

  • Ariba Catalogs overview
  • Aria Procurement Content architecture
  • Types of catalogs – sap ariba online training
  • Deployment considerations with OCI

V. SAP Ariba Buying / Ariba Procurement :

  • Getting Started with Ariba Procurement
  • Ariba Procurement: Requisitioning Process
  • Ariba Contract Compliance & catalog vs non‐ catalog
  • Ariba Procurement: Spot buy and supplier collaboration
  • Budget check and approval process
  • Ariba Procurement: Ordering methods and order routing
  • Ariba procurement: Order split process
  • Ariba Procurement: Creating and Managing Invoices
  • AN Supplier: Order confirmation, ASN, Invoice and payment
  • Ariba Procurement: Reconciliation and exception handling
  • Payment and remittance
  • Credit memo process – sap ariba online training

VI. SAP Ariba Administration and Core Administration :

  • Template Management & Configurations
  • Approval workflow Configurations
  • Site Manager & Configurations
  • Master Data Management – Manual, ITK
  • Integration Manager & Configurations
  • Middle‐ware Cloud Integration (WS)
  • Integration Tool Kit (ITK)
  • Direct connect – sap ariba online training
  • User Management & Configurations
  • Commodity Code Manager
  • Dashboard Manager & Configurations
  • Catalog Manager & Configurations
  • Contracts Manager
  • Legacy Contract Migration to Ariba
  • Legacy PR/PO Migration
  • Legacy Sourcing Project / event Migration
  • Supplier Manager – sap ariba online training
  • Reporting Manager & Configurations
  • Project Manager & Configurations
  • Spend Visibility Manager & Configurations
  • Digital Signature & Configurations
  • Budget Management and configurations
  • Invoice Exceptions configurations
  • Tax Management and configurations
  • Procure to Pay Manager and configurations


  • Ariba Supplier Performance Management
  • KPI Creation process – sap ariba online training
  • Score cards and surveys
  • Ariba Supplier Information Management

VIII. SAP Ariba Spend Visibility :

  • Ariba Spend Visibility: Managing Reports
  • Prepackaged Reports
  • Public reports
  • Creating and Managing analytical reports
  • Scheduling Reports – sap ariba online training
  • Practice Exercises

SAP Ariba Guided Buying

1) SAP Ariba Guided Buying Overview:

  • What is Guided Buying
  • Guided Buying Architecture
  • Guided Buying Prerequisites – sap ariba online training
  • Guided Buying Process Flow
  • Spot Quote and sourcing scenarios

2) SAP Ariba Guided Buying Configuration:

  • User Interface
  • Configuring landing pages
  • JASON Notation
  • Expressions – sap ariba online training
  • Tiles Configuration
  • FORMS buildind
  • POLICIES configutation
  • Approval Flows
  • Administration

3) Integrations

  • Sourcing events from Guided buying
  • Creating Sourcing Template for GB – sap ariba online training
  • Configure Suppliers and touch polices
  • Supplier response to quote using e‐mail
  • Supplier light account registration for RFQ event
  • End points and shared secret